My queen

If my life is a kingdom
I need a land beyond the sea
the horses
the men to built, and to be built
But  first of all
I need a queen
My queen
The queen to love
The one who holds the pure
who keeps my balance
who inspires me
who is my queen?
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4 respuestas a My queen

  1. Unknown dijo:

    I think it\’s the person you thought aboutwhile you were reading this. You know who it is, right?

  2. He dijo:

    Your queen is right there waiting for you. Don\’t worry^_^

  3. Unknown dijo:

    My life is in a KingdomA land beyond the sea,with horses,with men, All built by my King…the one whom I love,and long to keep his balance,the one who so holds the pure as I do,My King whom I shall inspire,All my days…I am your Queen.

  4. AkirE dijo:

    Estassssssssssssss enamoraaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


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