Start an Export Business

To start an export business you should first find a competitive productive activity (a service, manufacturing or natural resources) in your location and then try to establish a relationship with the providers, this activity may be, for example, artcrafts.  then you have to visit craftman in your location and show interest in buying their products.

International clients are highly demanding, so you must carefully consider build a poll of providers that guarrantee you: quality, quantities and reliability.

Once you have selected the provider then you have the first half (but the most difficult is to come)  now you have to build trust in potential buyers abroad of the product /service you selected to export.

In my experience I founded very useful the help of my country embassy in other countries, as well as this I highly recommend you to build an online (and printed) catalog. You should be extra careful with details in those marketing materials, NO typos, no false statements, try to be as accurate as possible and, of course, try to have those materials in at least two languages. Also be ready with quotation (pro-forma invoice) templates and check the payment method best suits you. again trust is important in this regard.

In this stage you may find in statistics about export of your country (given in any Economy Ministry website) about top foreign countries that mostly buy the kind of products you have choosen to sell from your location, keep it simple but be persistent as it takes a lot of work to get the first order, however, once you start, you will be in one of the most profitable activities of the world that will make you prosper, as well as your family too.

If you are starting from scratch, don´t worry. Try to strenght relations with your friends and family, and the friends of your friends and the family of your family, try to find in your personal network those fellows that may help you connect the chain (find the best provider or find the first client) in any case prepare your selling speech for each case and be ready to show leadership and motivation, remember that doing business is a human activity and in involves inter-personal relationship skills.

Also, remember to keep it simple, export follows the same principle of local selling, you buy as cheap as possible and sell as expensive as possible (your profit will be the difference)

  • Buy cheap and sell expensive (but be fair in both sides)
  • Don´t kill the gold eggs chicken by trying to get all the eggs at once, keep you baance and try to not be so greedy.

Beware of international scams!.  In my website  I have many recommendations for doing business internationally, check in the faq section, If you have further questions feel free to ask me.

Au revoir


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